UT Tower glows against a dusk sky background

The University of Texas at Austin Tower will shine with orange lights and the number “100” on its sides tonight (Friday, April 15) to mark the Department of Chemical Engineering’s centennial year.

In 1915, the first chemical engineering undergraduates were enrolled under the guidance of department founder Dr. Eugene P. Schoch. Over the last 100 years, we have educated more than 8,000 engineers in a program distinguished by a culture of research and innovation, entrepreneurial spirit, interdisciplinary problem-solving, scholarship, and technological impact. Through their leadership and technical contributions, our graduates have transformed economies, benefited society, and improved the quality of life.

The McKetta Department of Chemical Engineering’s world-class faculty has pioneered research addressing major challenges in energy and the environment, human health, materials, manufacturing, and much more.

Join us this weekend (April 15-16) for the grand finale of the department’s centennial celebration.