Pictures are three versions of the UT Tower seen at night, the first with a blue background, the second against a cloudy dusk sky and the third with a black background glowing orange.

The University of Texas at Austin Tower will shine with orange lights two nights, and darken another, this week.

First, on April 20, the Tower will be in its entirely orange lighting configuration in recognition of Texas Law winning the National Championship in the Georgetown White Collar Crime National Mock Trial Competition.

Then, in recognition of Earth Day, the Tower will be dark during the evening hours of April 21.

And April 22, the Tower will again be entirely orange, this time in honor of the recipients of the Presidential Citation award. The award is given to individuals who personify the university’s commitment to the task of transforming lives. This year, they are: Ernest H. Cockrell, The Honorable Wallace B. Jefferson, Janiece M. Longoria, and The Honorable Kirk P. Watson.