On Nov. 30, 1916, the first BEVO made his debut at UT Austin’s Thanksgiving Day football game. One hundred years later, the Tower will shine with entirely orange lights to celebrate the best mascot in all of sports.

Since BEVO I arrived on the Forty Acres, a total of 15 steers have served as the university’s mascot. Earlier this fall, BEVO XV made his debut during Texas Football’s 50-47 win over Notre Dame.

But BEVO isn’t just a pretty steer. Did you know he helps raise money for university scholarships and tutoring programs at local elementary schools? And that he has attended two presidential inaugurations? He may have even played a key defensive role in a victory against Baylor years ago.

Join us in celebrating 100 years of BEVO. We’re ready for the next century.

As the great longhorn was free to roam the wilderness of Texas, so must the university be free to roam the world of thought, unhampered and unafraid.” —T.P. Buffington, a 1892 graduate, when presenting BEVO I to the university

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