Civitatis Award winner Michael Marder poses for a picture with three other people while holding the award.

The UT Tower will shine with burnt orange lights Friday, April 30 in honor of the recipients of three important awards bestowed by the university to deserving faculty and staff members.

Civitatis Award
Presented to a faculty member who has shown exemplary campus citizenship throughout a career of service at the university.

  • Michael Marder

Arno Nowotny Medal
Awarded to staff members of the Division of Student Affairs who rendered meritorious service to students during their careers at the university.

  • Richard (Scott) Meyer

President’s Associates Teaching Excellence Award
Recognizes excellence in undergraduate education in the core curriculum (including the signature courses) and a demonstrated record of engagement with curriculum reform and educational innovation.

  • Laura Lashinger
  • Jennifer Graber
  • Sally Ragsdale
  • Adam Rabinowitz
  • Paul Bonin-Rodriguez
  • Sarah Brayne
  • Kathryn Tackett