The UT Tower with darkened lights.

The UT Tower will darken Friday, April 21, 2023, in memory of Longhorns who died during the past year.

Except for a white cap and observation deck, all of the Tower’s levels and windows will darken as part of UT Remembers.

Held annually on the last day of the spring semester, UT Remembers gives the university community a time to gather in remembrance of students and current and retired faculty and staff who died during the past year, while also reflecting on who they were, what they gave to the university and what they meant to the people whose lives they touched. This tradition is an in-memoriam recognition of their lives, and provides a time to remember those whom we have lost and honors the impact they had on the larger university community.

This year’s UT Remembers started with a lowering of the flags ceremony on the Main Mall and will conclude when the sunrise lights the darkened Tower.

The list of those being remembered in the 2023 UT Remembers ceremony is available here.