Top of the University of Texas Tower against a pink and blue dusky sky.

The University of Texas at Austin Tower will darken Friday, October 30, 2015, in support of Longhorn Lights Out, a voluntary initiative that demonstrates how simple, individual actions can result in significant energy savings across campus.

As part of the third semi-annual Campus Lights Out event, UT Austin and four other universities — Pennsylvania State University, Bowling Green State University, Kansas University, and the University of Toledo — are combining conservation efforts to promote energy savings.

Students, faculty and staff get involved by turning off lights and electronic devices all across campus and encouraging other Longhorns to do the same. On the Forty Acres, Campus Lights Out coincides with UT Austin’s monthly Longhorns Lights Out campaign.

[Learn more about the Tower’s different lighting configurations.]

During the first two Campus Lights Out events, volunteers at five universities turned off a total of 20,169 lights and 1,651 electronic devices in 112 buildings.

When the Tower darkens, all exterior lights will be off except for the aircraft warnings and clock faces.