APO Texas flag training 2014 took place on the South Mall, with instruction about how to fold the flag, tie knots and safely hoist it to the Main fourth floor balcony in order to display it across the front of the Main Building.
Proud Texans often remind people outside the Lone Star State that “everything is bigger in Texas,” and on the Forty Acres we have one of the best, and largest, signs of Texan pride — the biggest Texas flag in the world.

To mark Texas Independence Day, the university’s Tower will shine with entirely orange lights Wednesday, March 2.

The holiday commemorates the adoption of the Texas Declaration of Independence and formation of the Republic of Texas in 1836.

“For the proudest of Texans, it’s the most important day of the year,” says Jim Nicar, who studies the university’s history. “It’s a holiday that no other state can claim.”

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The Tower’s entirely orange lighting configuration used to mark Texas Independence Day is reserved for special occasions like the university’s birthday on Sept. 15, when a Texas Athletics team wins a Big 12 Championship, commencement, Academic Convocation, and Honors Day, among others.

[Learn more about Texas Independence Day in an online exhibit from the Briscoe Center for American History.]

As Nicar notes, the Texas Exes adopted a resolution in 1900 to remind Longhorns to celebrate both the Lone Star State and the university. It reads:

“Whenever two Texas Exes shall meet on March 2, they all shall sit and break bread and pay tribute to the institution that made their education possible.”

Happy Texas Independence Day, Longhorns!