Text on image says “Congratulations! Honors Day 2022”

The UT Tower will shine with burnt orange lights Saturday, April 9 to celebrate the 2022 College and Distinguished College Scholars.

Introduced in 1948 and celebrated every year since, Honors Day recognizes the accomplishments of the highest achieving students at The University of Texas at Austin — those who have earned their distinction as College Scholars or Distinguished College Scholars.

The deepest purpose of the university is to unlock the potential of our students. Honors Day is an opportunity to celebrate those students who not only reached their potential but surpassed it — elevating themselves to the very highest levels of academic accomplishment.

As a part of Honors Day, each scholar receives a set of honors cords and Distinguished College Scholars receive commemorative medallions that can be worn with academic regalia at Commencement. Those materials will be sent to honorees directly, along with a certificate recognizing this distinctive academic accomplishment. Recognition as an Honors Day scholar is included as an official entry on university transcripts.

Congratulations to the 2022 College Scholars and Distinguished College Scholars.